Tutoring Program AZYou Can Make a Difference with Struggling Students and Get Your Entire Donation Back

Our tutoring programs at Title One schools go beyond helping students to read and write better. Our programs train struggling students to be literacy coaches for other students.

▪ Arizona tax credits make it possible for you to get your entire donation back dollar for dollar. Save up to $400 on your state taxes.

▪ Donations to Make a Difference Foundation qualify for the working poor tax credit, and these donations are reported on Arizona Form 321. Tax credit contributions to private and public schools are reported on Arizona Forms 322 and 323. You can take all three of these tax credits in the same year.

With your donation, you can also take a tax deduction on your federal taxes as Make a Difference Foundation is an IRS certified 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. See your tax advisor for details.

For more information about our successes and programs, please visit our web site at You can also call Gene Fazio at 480-510-2335 for more information.

To make a secure, on-line donation with PayPal. Choose TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE with job training programs that transform today’s at-risk students into tomorrow’s college graduates.