Successes of Black Belt Literacy

  • Letter from Edward B. Lupomech: Former assistant Director of Enforcement for the NCAA
  • Letter from Lisa Love: Former athletic director at ASU
  • Letter from Dirk Koetter: Former head football coach at ASU
  • Letter from Tyrone Willingham: Former head football coach at the University of Washington
  • An English Language Learner Success Story: An article from the PUHS District’s newsletter told the story of Jose Elias. He was an ELL student from Mexico. He went from reading at the 3rd grade level at Cesar Chavez High School to earning a full ride academic scholarship to the University of Southern California.
  • ACT Success: Data on the success of juniors at Carl Hayden High School on the ACT reading test after going through the Black Belt Literacy program.
  • Success of High School Students on the WritePlacer Exam: On the WritePlacer writing
    exam, 50% of Janice Koivisto’s sophomore students at Trevor Brown High School
    placed at the college freshman level.
  • Success of ELL Students: Data on the success of ELL students at Cesar Chavez High School
  • Black Belt Literacy Banquet–2015 Community Literacy: Change We Can Cause
    1. Banquet Program
    2. Banquet Video — At the 2:10 mark of the banquet video, ABC News’ Nightline reports a David and Goliath story of high school students pitted against and beating a team from one of the best universities in the country, MIT.
    3. Speakers — All of the speakers shared their inspiring stories of being successful. In each case believing in what they were doing was the beginning step

      Coach Fredi Lajvardi is the main character portrayed in the movie, Spare Parts. Under his leadership, four high school Hispanic students form a robotics club and build a robot mainly out of used car parts. They enter a national robotics contest in 2004 and beat the reigning champion, MIT.

      Dr. Rufus Glasper is the chancellor for the Maricopa County Community College District

      Toby Wright was an NFC all-pro NFL defensive back from the St. Louis Rams (7 years) the Washington Redskins (1 year)